Pastor Erik & Kirsha Vann

Lead Pastor | Church Communications
Pastor Erik and his wife Kirsha will have been married for 14 years and have two beautiful daughers, Bella and Reagan. They have been serving at Movement Church for 5 years in some capacity, and Pastor Erik was ordained and became the lead pastor two years ago. Kirsha heads up the children’s ministry and communication at the church. They both have a passion for the surrounding communities as well as seeing people have a radical relationship with Jesus first and others second. Come visit Sunday at 11am and meet them!
Unverified Facts:
Both ginger.
REALLY like Chuy’s (Erik used to work there). Thai food is also pretty high on the list.
Erik is a Florida State Seminoles fan (no one really knows why) and does Kirsha even care about football? Come to church and find out!
Gary and Patrice Brake head up our inGroups here at Movement! Gary works in aviation and Patrice is an educator for NISD. They have been married for 33 years and have a wealth of knowledge and experience serving in churches. If you are looking for connection to other people within the church body, Gary and Patrice can help you get started!
Unverified Facts:
Gary is the 2nd most interesting man in the world. Seriously. Ask the guy to tell you a story sometime. Old (Patrice’s words, not mine).
Please keep arms and legs inside the sanctuary at all times when Patrice is on stage, otherwise you will miss something important. Goes from 0-60 WPM in record setting time.




Gary & Patrice Brake

LifeGroups Coordinators




Brett Marshall

Executive Pastor
Brett is married to his amazing wife, Jennifer, and they have 3 children: Roger, Emma, and Jaxson. Brett does a little bit of everything around the church and we are so blessed to have him on staff. Currently he is leading the men’s ministry, is our facilities manager, and works on the finance team. He has a wonderful heart for others and has a great sense of urgency to see others come to the Kingdom.
Unverified Facts:
Will talk your ear off (literally – mine fell off last week).
LOVES Texas A&M. Like, the dude is always wearing maroon *eye roll*
Ask him about the end times prophecy. Seriously, it’ll blow your mind.
Jeremiah and Megan have been married just over 5 years and have two furbabies, Brutus and Penelope. They have been attending and serving at Movement Church for 4 1/2 years. Jeremiah is the youth pastor and creative arts director and Megan heads up women’s ministry and discipleship. Jeremiah works for YoungLife in the Eagle Mountain – Saginaw School District and Megan is a K-5 art teacher in Northwest ISD. They both have a passion for young people and helping them find Jesus and walk with Him. If you have youth that you want to see get involved with peers or are interested in discipleship, talk to one of these two!
Unverified Facts:
Jeremiah is a ginger (I know, right? Another one!) He used to sling drinks as a bartender, now he slings Jesus at the youth.
Megan is introspective. But remember what they say, you’ve got to be careful with the quiet ones…

Jeremiah & Megan Valentine

Youth Pastor | Women’s Ministry